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Threatened cuts raise questions


December 2, 2020


Regarding cuts to the library staff, I have the following questions:

1. If there is a decrease in revenue of 4½%, was there an offset with the decrease of expenditures? What is it?

I know there is a line item for purchasing books, DVDs, Audio book, magazines, newspapers, etc. and none of that money has been used since March. The money for those items has been supplied by the Friends of the Library and grant monies since March 2020.

Why can’t that money be used for salaries?

2. The library is supported by levy funds. It appears the burden of staff savings is coming from the library funds and not from General Funds where it should be coming.

In addition, all the library staff is part-time. Two of them were working 20 hours a week and one was working 30 hours a week. Now their time has been cut even more resulting not only in loss of wages, but also in addition cost to them for insurance.

The total savings for these cuts is $2,500 a month. In addition to the cuts they have the letter stating they may be laid off at the end of 28 days causing additional stress.

3. Who is going to staff the library if they are all laid off? Is the ultimate goal to close the library? How far do you, as a City Council, intend to allow this to go?

Charlene Adams

Private Citizen

Member, Library Advisory Board


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