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Isolation also threat to seniors


December 9, 2020


As I watch all the obituaries in our local paper, I am reminded that not only can COVID kill, but also loneliness and isolation can kill.

All this causes depression. It kills, too. 

We have many senior folks who are alone and isolated due to the draconian orders to close the Senior Center.

The Senior Center was one of the only outlets for single seniors to get out of the house and talk to another person. In my opinion as a senior, there is really no need to ostracize this group of people. 

It’s OK to go to the store, but with masks, we can’t recognize anyone we might be able to say hi to. While in the grocery store, we are still in the vicinity of many strangers. Still isolated, and at risk.

At the Senior Center, the tables are about 8 feet in diameter, and offer plenty of room to separate people. Perhaps four to a table instead of six or eight.

Isolation is a real threat to our older folks. Loneliness is a real threat to our seniors.

Maybe our city fathers should reconsider opening up the Senior Center. With mask requirements, there should be no problem. We need to support our seniors, not kill them off.

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home


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