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Library provides critical necessities


I am not a resident within the city of Sweet Home, but it is my home town.

I read a lot, though I do not use the library for reading. I support and use the Friends of the Library store a lot!

I am really saddened to even think about reducing the already limited personnel at the library. There was a time, when I first moved back to the area, when the library was everything I needed for information, computer help, and general knowledge of the city.

Now that I have become more adjusted to settling in, I fully support anything Rose needs at the Library and cutting back on help is not even close to a good thing. Yes, the budget is difficult to keep stabilized. Something so critical to living is always going to be that way.

I realize the city budget at the Accounting Department is critical too; however trying to “protect” the future and what may be demanded is just not possible in our economy these days. Not even for families, businesses, organizations, etc.

To even consider cutting back on something that in the present unstable times is sometimes the only place that can be encouragement for seeking information for homeless or almost homeless individuals, or families is just not acceptable.

In the Bible we are told by the Lord Jesus himself that “the poor you will always have with you.”

We who are well-covered owe it to ourselves to care enough to support our library!

Bonnie Neal

Sweet Home