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Veterinary help in elk's birth necessary, not fully appreciated


June 30, 2021

A NEWBORN elk calf lies on the ground after some veterinary intervention helped it enter the world.

"Doc, I have a cow elk that has been walking around the pasture in labor for the last couple of hours," Frank said into the phone. "I can see a small sac of fluid and a foot once in a while, but she's not making any progress."

"If she has been at it a couple of hours, we probably should get a look at her," I told him. "Don't dart her until I get up there."

Frank McCubbins had quite a variety of exotic animals – Sika deer, fallow deer, some antelope, and a small herd of elk. The elk herd consisted of a bull and five or six cows. There were no facilities for handling any of these. We were s...

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