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Letter: Lack of concern not Christian spirit (Nov. 3, 2021)


November 3, 2021


I received a message from a friend who lives in Linn County. She told me that she had been asked if she had gotten COVID “yet.” She said the question sounded more or less as if getting COVID is some sort of badge of honor.

Her questioner said that she had gotten it and had gotten over it. She wanted to tell her questioner, “Thanks a lot, @#$%&!” And also, that when her questioner said that she had gotten over it, “Well, that’s all that counts to the ‘Me’ generation.”

My friend was hurt and her lung collapsed. The doctors told her that she will always need to beware that even the smallest sniffle has the greatest potential to become pneumonia.

This virus causes (with emphasis) pneumonia. I wish to state that no one has the right to put other people in harm’s way.

What sort of Christianity is being practiced? Surely not Jesus’ precept to “do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Are they following false gods? I.e., Donald Trump?

Ovid “Pink” Pinkert

Oregon State Police, Retired

Fort Mohave, Ariz.


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