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In Memory: Darold Bolin

Amanda Fields sent us this sketch she drew in memory of Darold Bolin, who died in December 2020, for whom an obituary was never published. "I've only known Darold the last seven years of his life, but it has been a blessing and a privilege," Amanda wrote. "He always had a smile and a friendly word for everyone he met, and was always willing to offer his help or advice. He touched the lives of many people throughout his life. It's been one year since his passing, and we just want to honor him and remember such a special person. He stayed active by volunteering, gardening and being a part of his community. I know it's a simple drawing, but when I think of what a beautiful person he was and the love he had for gardening, I felt a rose was appropriate. A rose to remember him, and a rose to remember the many other loved ones lost last year." To see the drawing in a larger size, visit

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