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Michelle Leigh Hilton

June 14, 1971 - April 21, 2022

Michelle Leigh Hilton, 50, of Sweet Home passed away April 21, 2022.

She was born June 14, 1971, in Paradise, Calif., the daughter of Larry and Betty (Hunter) Hilton and a daughter of God.

Michelle lived in Sweet Home off and on with her mother but always was connected to the natural small-town qualities of Sweet Home.

Michelle was a very "eccentric" character, in her own words, as well as generous and kind in our words. When she wasn't dressing up in fun costumes she was collecting fungi and pretty rocks in the woods and river banks. She loved being in nature and dreamed of owning property far out in the natural world.

Her interests included butterflies, fairies, teddy bears, arts and crafts, star gazing, and the color blue.

Her very favorite things however, were her children and grandchildren. She was deeply loved by those around her and will be forever missed in our hearts.

Michelle is survived by her four children, Kale Sawyer, Keith Reeves, Sky Hilton, Ashley Affinito; two grandchildren, Taylor Affinito and Aiden Affinito; siblings Deb Ramsey, Judy Robertson, Lisa Laylon, Gail Hilton, Christine Hightower, Angie Reeves and Ron Poffenbarger; father Larry Hilton; and mother Betty Hunter.

Sweet Home Funeral Chapel is handling the arrangements.