All about Sweet Home since 1929

Cars and music keep life's motor running

Tunes, tune-ups and the harmony of love fill Steve Magnolia's days

Steve Magnolia is not bored.

He's puttering in his garage, with some blues music reverberating off the walls.

"Government Mule," he tells a visitor who asks about the artists.

Outside the back door, two Louisiana catahoula leopard dog hounds – another of Magnolia's specialties, with his wife Edie Wilcox – peer in, tails wagging.

This is what Steve Magnolia is all about at age 68.

Magnolia polishes a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that's sitting, gleaming, in the middle of the garage floor. He's just finished a loving ground-up restoration of the car, which has eight original miles...

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