Circuit Court - September 20, 2023 Edition


September 20, 2023

Warrants are out on the following individuals: Calvin Alvin Ames, Samuel Frank Ayers, Brittany Chantel Coughran, Curtis Ray Daniel, Ashlee Dee Flanagan, Aaron Thomas Halvorson, Daniel Henry Johnson, Isaac Booker Justham, Noe Hernandez-Reyes, Michael Trevor Hilton, Daniel Henry Johnson, Ariel Shanea Kaping, Faron Walter Kennedy, Andrew Donald LeGore, Charles James Marvel, Carrie Lynne Miller, Kendra Lynne Montoya, Larry Robert Morgan, Julianne Nicole Phillips, Joseph Clayton Pritchett, Tammy Lavonn Robinson, Paul Levi Shelton, Corey Alan Smith, Jacob Mitchell Thurber, Cameron Michael Wark.

Trevor Alden Groff, 49, was charged Sept. 9 with first-degree theft of garden supplies, a generator and brush hog.

Stephen Jay Fletcher, 47, was sentenced Sept. 15 with one year suspension of a driver’s license, 10 days jail and 36 months bench probation based on a no contest plea to fourth-degree assault and failure to perform the duties of a driver to an injured person. A reckless driving charge was dismissed.

Brandon Ryan Freeman, 29, was sentenced Sept. 13 to 20 days jail and 18 months bench probation based on a plea of no contest to first-degree criminal trespass and harassment. A third-degree theft charge was dismissed. In a separate case, he was sentenced to revocation of a license for one year, 10 days jail and 18 months supervised probation based on a no contest plea to unauthorized use of a vehicle.


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