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Letters to Santa

Kaylee Pinnegar - Charter

Dear Santa,

I want a ktar and mak up and a mushmelow and a figit and a youday.

Love, Gracie

Dear Santa,

I wot a rot cholr cr

Love, Jonah

Dear Santa,

I would pleas like a oculus the new one and a xbox to pls and a new tablet to and a dino 3 stacked pencils crayons em pilest.

Love Isaiah

Dear Santa,

I can not believe it is christmas olretee! I love christmas so much! It is one of mie favrite holydays! I wud love if you wud give me a gabese dolhows set. I love you so much!

Love, Audrey

Dear Santa,

I wont a bayby yotu and a cut won to and a I am grot toy.


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