2012 forest fire safety poster contest winners named

Three local girls are the grand prize winners in the 2012 Smokey Bear Poster Contest held in local elementary schools this spring, in which mostly fourth-grade students painted fire prevention posters.

The three, Zoe Salazar of Oak Heights, Lily Keeney of Foster and Rhiannon Stiles of Holley, will have their posters posted along local highways leading into the forest. The winners’ posters were painted on 4×8 sheets of plywood by Sweet Home High School art students. Lily’s will be placed along Highway 20 across from The Point restaurant, Rhiannon’s along Upper Calapooia Drive and Zoe’s along Quartzville Road at Sunnyside Park.

Three winners were selected from each class that participated.

Winners in Shelley Quest’s third- and fourth-grade class at Foster were: Addy Gilmore, first; Makayla Griffin, second; and Danielle Tressel, third.

Winners in Rachel Markell’s third- and fourth-grade class at Foster were: Emily Brown, first; Davin Guzman, second; and Hunter Calderwood, third.

Winners in Cathy Hawken’s fourth- and fifth-grade class at Foster were, in addition to Lily: Jessi Davenport, second; and Leaha McQueary, third.

Winners in Jayme Zwierzyna’s fourth- and fifth-grade class at Hawthorne were: Colin Owens, first; Bella Lovvorn, second; and Micheala Brown, third.

Winners in Carla Alexander’s fourth-grade class at Hawthorne were: Megan Hager, first; Kassandra Matney, second; and Iakona Rucker, third.

Winners in Brett Bowers’ fourth-grade class at Holley were, in addition to Rhiannon, Shawna Burnett, second; and Nate Jeppson, third.

Winners in Kathi Collins’ third- and fourth-grade class at Holley were: James Jewett, first; Alice Ramsey, second; and Alexia Schilling, third.

Winners in Marybeth Angulo’s third- and fourth-grade class at Oak Heights were: Priscilla Davis, first; Sherriah Thein, second; and Courtnie Faye Woodard, third.

Winners in Tim Swanson’s fourth-grade class at Oak Heights were, in addition to Salazar: Karrah Lewis, second; and Jandy Drake, third.

The winners are invited to ride on the Oregon Department of Forestry float in the Sportsman’s Holiday Parade.