A sports writer’s new year’s wish list

I did not send a wish list to Santa Claus or any of my relatives. Neither did I make a list of New Year’s resolutions, which are always doomed to failure. When I do either of these, I feel too self-absorbed. So, for just a brief moment, I would like to write a combination Christmas wish list and New Year’s resolutions for the athletes whom I cover.

First, I would like to have the athletes healthy. Injuries are always a possibility, but it sure seems like they have come in bunches this year. Hopefully, the Christmas break has allowed everyone to rest up and heal.

Second, when athletes work hard, I would like to see them be rewarded. The swimmers, wrestlers, and boys basketball players have worked hard for many years and have given us programs of high quality. Now, the girls basketball team is making great strides. If they continue to work hard, I want them to feel the exultation of a big victory, not just a moral victory. I would settle for one state title.

In line with that, we have some quality kids, too many to name. I hope they gain some individual recognition, i.e. a state title or all league honors.

Teamwise, I hope that each team has at least one memorable moment, something they will never forget. I am sure that there will always be something that each person will remember from their participation, but there is nothing better than to share it with a close-knit group.

The value increases dramatically. Just ask the football players. Or any of our state championship teams in the past.

Okay, one thing for myself. I want an accident free year as I negotiate the narrow, confined space of the high school parking lot.