Anger was misplaced


I, Kim Lawrence, would like to make a formal apology in reference to finance, employees’ salaries and statements about Sweet Home. I also would like to retract my statements regarding the Police and Library levies. After further gained information, it was brought to my attention that these levies were a replacement, rather than an addition to the existing tax. I know we need these levies and they are very important for the city of Sweet Home and their citizens.

This was partially brought on by my concern for the spending that went from $1,500 to $10,000 in one year for the Parks and Recreation. It was hard for me to understand justification for this increase in spending.

I commend the efforts of those involved in the beautification of the parks program. Although I do disagree with the sequence of events, such as placing plants in the middle of the park vegetation or lawns causing, if not double, but triple the work effort involved in maintenance and upkeep. So adding extra to the already overworked employees made little sense. It was brought to my attention that herbicide control prior to planting would have been a much more economical path and more cost effective.

I love this town and see a lot of resources that are not being used. I have joined many committees in hopes of meeting my goals I have for Sweet Home. And my goal is trying to do what Leavenworth, Wash., did with their town. I know we can do it.

I’ve been overwhelmed recently contacting my representatives in reference to illegal immigration and getting very little response. My anger has been apparent and my striking out locally was inappropriately directed to our local representatives, rather than the state and federal representatives that I should have directed my anger toward.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home