Area parks get $250,000 in upgrades

Area parks get $250,000 in new project upgrades

Linn County Parks Department crews were busy last week putting finishing touches on some $250,000 worth of projects at its East Linn county parks.

Director Brian Carroll said the projects have been completed in cooperation with the State Marine Board and through local agency cooperation.

Last week crews were busy installing a new two unit bathroom and resurfacing the parking lot at Gedney Creek boat ramp.

“This is the completion of the second phase of work here,” Carroll said. “Phase I was the new restroom.”

Carroll said that the county road department played a big role in help get the parking lot resurfaced. By working through the road department, asphalt was purchased for $25.40 per ton rather than the estimated $47 per ton.

“The road department did us a real favor on this,” Carroll said.

Richard Frick, crew supervisor, said lot was 30 years old and in very poor shape.

“We put a seal coat on in 1989 but it was definitely time to redo it,” Frick said.

The new bathroom unit is made of concrete throughout and was installed in one piece with a crane.

Wednesday afternoon crews from Pacific Extruded Curbs of Eugene were busy pouring and finishing parking curbs at the site.

Frick said there will be 66 total parking spaces.

The concrete vault toilet cost $23,000.

“We usually built our own block toilets,” Carroll said. “But, our guys are too busy right now so we went this route. We think it is going to be a great addition.”

The third phase of the project will be replacement of the float area and a new concrete boat ramp.

Parks staff also recently installed a new floating restroom on Green Peter. The $80,000 unit is anchored by 5,000 pounds of weight. It was paid for by State Marine Board funds through the Clean Vessell Act.

“The Marine Board actually brought this project to our board,” Carroll said.

The unit is completely enclosed and self-contained and works like a head on a commercial airplane.

In its first week of operation, some 361 users were counted, Carroll said.

Thursday, crews moved a new dock ramp into place at Sunnyside as renovations continue their. The next phase of that project will be new docks.

“We’ve got several projects stacked up right now,” Carroll said. “Our next big project is a renovation at John Neal Memorial Park.”

Frick said the pace is a “challenge but fun. The pace is driven by usage. Every week visitation is increasing.”

Carroll said Memorial Weekend was the biggest in the parks program history.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office also aided the parks effort recently by donating their old aluminum boat when it was replaced with a new unit.

“We needed something for repairs and maintenance and this works great,” Carroll said. “We appreciate the sheriff’s support on this.”