Asphalt unavailable, rail crossings incomplete

Sean C. Morgan

Railroad crossings on Sweet Home streets should be completed when asphalt becomes available.

The crossings, which were rebuilt late last year by Albany and Eastern Railroad, are still graveled.

“It is temporary,” said City Manager Craig Martin. “No, they will not be left as just temporary gravel patches. The problem is that the availability of asphalt is now being dictated for them to run their plant, the people they’re relying on to get the asphalt.”

The city experienced the same problem during its last sewer rehabilitation project, Martin said, and the city had to leave trench cuts longer than city staff preferred.

Public Works Director Mike Adams said that he received an e-mail from Mark Russell of Albany and Eastern explaining that the Knife River plant was scheduled to run on Jan. 19. He was hoping to complete 53rd and 54th that day while school was out, but as of Monday they remained incomplete.

Those are the closest crossings to a school – Foster.

An Albany and Eastern’s spokesman did not return phone calls about the crossings.