Assailant of police officer gets 90-month prison sentence

Neal Carillo, 18, has been sentenced to 7½ years in prison for the attempted murder of a Sweet Home man who was on duty as a police officer in Lebanon in December.

Carillo pleaded no contest to the charge on Oct. 8. He was found guilty of second-degree assault by a jury on Sept. 7. The jury was hung on the charge of attempted murder and acquitted Carillo on a second charge of attempted murder.

Carillo was sentenced to 70 months in prison on the assault charge. The sentence is to be served concurrent to the 90-month sentence for attempted murder.

He also must pay $1,284 in fees and fines. He will serve 60 months of post-prison supervision.

Carillo was charged with second-degree assault against and the attempted murder of Lebanon Officer Justin Bach and attempted murder of Lebanon Officer George Dominy, a Sweet Home resident and former Sweet Home police officer and sergeant.

The attempted murder conviction was connected to Carillo’s attack on Dominy, while the assault conviction was connected to Carillo’s attack on Bach.

During a struggle with Carillo on Dec. 19, Dominy wrenched his right shoulder after a trauma plate in his ballistic vest deflected a knife attack. Bach was cut on the forearm.

During the struggle, Bach shot Carillo once in the abdomen.

Linn County parole and probation was looking for Carillo on Dec. 17, said Lebanon Police Chief Thor Dahle. An off-duty police officer spotted Carillo on Dec. 19 and reported him to the Lebanon Police Department.

Lebanon officers approached Carillo and attempted to detain him, Dahle said.

Bach had been with the department for about nine months, and Dominy had been a member of the department for nearly two years.