Bank accepting donations for couple whose home burned

A donation account has been opened at Wells Fargo Bank to assist Jesse Burnett and Brandon Henry, whose Holley home burned down in the early morning on Nov. 4.

Their home was owned by Northern Investments and for most of the past 110 years was the Holley Grange Hall, the site of the annual Holley Fair.

A flue fire spread into the attic and throughout the house, although the residents reported the wood stove was cold when they went to bed. Apparently, the metal sheeting behind the wood stove had heated up earlier and caused the wall to ignite, with fire climbing the chimney into the attic.

The couple has been in contact with the Red Cross and received assistance from the Volunteer Firefighters Association’s burnout fund, but the couple remains in need of assistance.

Anyone who would like to donate personal items as well may contact Wells Fargo at (541) 367-2132.