Birky snags three firsts in Husky home win

Junior Rhys Birky scored three first place wins Thursday to lead the Huskies in a three-way home meet.

Birky cloced a 23.17 in the 50 free and 51.13 in the 100 free, plus swam a leg on the winning 200 free relay on the day.

“Rhys is right where he needs to be at this time,” Coach Doug Peargin said. “He has developed into a team leader and works very hard. “It will take a very good swimmer to beat him.”

Coach Peargin said his Huskies swam well overall but added that Sherwood has the horses to be one of the top five teams in the state on both the boys and girls side of the pool.

“They’re going to just keep getting better and better,” Coach Peargin predicted. “They’ll be even tougher to beat the next time we would meet.”

Calendar: The Huskies host Woodburn, Silverton, Jefferson, Stayton and Cascade Wednesday at 4 p.m. before they begin Christmas break training.

Girls Results

Sherwood, 69; Sweet Home, 55; Stayton, 45.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, first, 2:06.79 (Yunke, Starha, Blank, Duncan)

200 freestyle: Foucht, fourth, 2:36.67; VanCleave, fifth, 2:43.94.

200 I.M.: Starha, second, 2:37.95; Jackson, sixth, 3:15.34.

50 freestyle: Blank, second, 27.58; Duncan, third, 28.72.

100 butterfly: Blank, first, 1:11.89.

100 freestyle: Duncan, second, 1:05.41; Jackson, fourth, 1:12.37.

500 freestyle: Yunke, fourth, 6:49.53; Gilliland, fifth, 8:05.42.

200 freestyle relay: Sweet Home A, third, 1:58.13 (Duncan, Foucht, Starha, Blank)

100 backstroke: Yunke, first, 1:12.65; Foucht, third, 1:15.51.

100 breast stroke: Starha, third, 1:19.15; VanCleave, sixth, 1:37.18.

400 freestyle relay: Sweet Home A, second, 4:46.20 (Jackson, Foucht, Yunke, VanCleave); Sweet Home B, fourth, 5:28.05 (Fowler, Gilliland, Sieg, Gourley)

Boys Results

SHHS, 80; Sherwood, 74; Stayton, 2.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, second, 2:07.62 (Ecker, Bate, Coulter, Slauson)

200 freestyle: Martin, second, 2:06.87; Burford, third, 2:19.73.

200 I.M.: Cheek, second, 2:28.02; Coulter, third, 2:47.65.

50 freestyle: Birky, first, 23.17; Ecker, second, 26.78.

100 butterfly: Cheek, second, 1:04.15; Bate, third, 1:19.00.

100 freestyle: Birky, first, 51.13; Slauson, fourth, 1:05.06.

500 freestyle: Martin, second, 5:47.83; Burford, third, 6:27.60.

200 free relay: SHHS A, first, 1:43.69 (Bate, Cheek, Birky, Martin); SHHS B, second, 2:05.69 (Coulter, Slauson, Burford, Caswell)

100 backstroke: Ecker, second, 1:06.09; Burford, third, 1:19.59.

100 breast stroke: Bate, second, 1:24.67; Coulter, third, 1:27.87.

400 freestyle relay: SHHS A, second, 3:44.92 (Martin, Ecker, Cheek, Birky)