Board trustee named interim principal at Foster School

Sean C. Morgan

Jan Sharp resigned from the School Board Monday night, and the board hired her as interim principal at Foster Elementary School after also accepting the resignation of Principal Glenna DeSouza.

“I have accepted a position in Central Oregon as a K-8 planning principal,” DeSouza said. “The decision to accept this position was very difficult because I have always been very proud of Foster’s staff and students. You all work so very hard to make sure all of our kids are making progress, and it shows how much you truly care.”

The district has received some applications, said Supt. Don Schrader. Many were brand new principals, some who had no teaching experience.

“Glenna was a great principal,” Schrader said, and the district needs to find the right person to take over.

He decided to look for an interim principal, Schrader said. He didn’t have to look too far and asked Sharp, retired curriculum director and principal, if she would be interested.

To do it, Sharp, who was re0elected in May, must resign from the board.

There isn’t a way to fill the position, temporarily or by proxy, said Mike E. Adams, a member of the board.

“I’m sorry to see her go,” Adams said. “I ask her a lot of questions. She has a great amount of knowledge.”

In retirement, Sharp can work half of a calendar year, she said. The school year is in two different calendar years.

“Don asked me if I’d be interested,” Sharp said. “I thought about it.”

Foster is doing well, with strong test scores, she said. “It’s a good strong staff. I hope I can help them continue doing what they’re doing. After I first said, yes, I thought what have I done. But the next day, I thought, I am excited about it. I miss being at school with the kids and staff. It’s a fun job.”

She’s had a chance to travel and rest since retiring, she said, so she’s ready to go back to work.

Sharp has previously worked at Crawfordsville, Holley, the Junior High, Oak Heights and the Central Office. She retired on Jan. 31 as curriculum director and principal at Holley after 18 years with the district. She was appointed to the School Board on Aug. 13, 2012 to fill a vacancy left by Billie Weber.

Sharp’s position is at large. Any registered voters in the district may serve. To apply or for more information, stop by the superintendent’s office in the Central Office, 1920 Long Street, or call (541) 367-7126.

Chairman Jason Redick said he would like the board to appoint a replacement at the Sept. 9 meeting if the district can meet the legal requirements. The appointee would serve until the next election in May 2015.

Present and voting to accept DeSouza’s and Sharp’s resignation and then to hire Sharp as interim principal were Adams, Mike Reynolds, David VanDerlip, Jenny Daniels and Chairman Jason Redick. Absent were Chanz Keeney, Dale Keene and Kevin Burger.

In other business:

n Allen Buzzard asked for support in a project he calls “Window to the World” to replace an old 20-inch CRT TV with a 47-inch LCD flat screen TV in the Mac lab at the Junior High.

The classroom has a budget of $1,750 this year, down from $2,000 last year, Buzzard said, and it isn’t enough to pay for the TV. He’ll have to spend money out of his own pocket, just like teachers across the district, to get through the year.

He is seeking $710.49, including shipping and transaction fees to purchase the TV through, a site dedicated to helping teachers fund special projects. An optional 15-percent donation to the site brings the total goal to $835.87. Donors may opt out of that portion when they donate. With three donors already, he has $686 to go by Nov. 20.

Buzzard listed a number of comments he’s heard from students about how hard it can be to see what’s on the TV. Among them, students ask if they can sit closer so they can see or ask for a bigger screen so they can read subtitles.

Buzzards hopes to complete the project and purchase the TV by the time school starts.

Buzzard said he believes he is the second teacher to use the service. An Oak Heights teacher used it to fund an iPad she needed for special needs students.

Each project is vetted by the website’s board of directors. Interns work with applicants to adjust projects so the board will approve them.

n The board hired Matthew Mahr and Lindsey Haggas as PE and health teachers at Sweet Home High School; Michelle McCoy as Title I extended kindergarten teacher at Foster and Oak Heights; and Luke Martin as a math teacher at Sweet Home Junior High.

n The board accepted the resignations of Anna LaCasse, SHHS basic life skills teacher; Luke DiFalco, SHJH math teacher; and Deborah Handman, SHHS language arts teacher.

n The board accepted the retirements of Jeryl Lewis, third grade at Hawthorne, and Dan Swanson, second- and third-grade at Holley. Swanson was hired back on special contract for the 2013-14 school year.

n Approved the continuation of a .3 full-time equivalent position for retired SHHS Principal Pat Stineff to coordinate the school’s Access College Today program, which allows students to defer receipt of their diplomas and start college, while the district pays their tuition. The program has about 50 students signed up this year.