Boys show big improvement despite soccer losses

The Huskies showed gains last week in boys soccer as they hit overtime but lost 3-2 to Elmira and then held Junction City to a single goal in a competitive outing until losing a player near the end of the game, and falling 4-0 in the last few minutes.

Sweet Home trailed 1-0 at home Thursday after Junction City scored a goal on a penalty kick in the first half.

The game was a huge improvement for the Huskies, said Coach Ryan Regrutto. “That’s the thing. The team is really coming around. It looks like more of a real soccer style, not just a bunch of kids running around kicking the ball for no apparent reason.”

Junction City’s first goal wasn’t because a player did anything really wrong, Regrutto said. It was just one of those penalties that happen in soccer.

About halfway through the second half, Dakota Snow received a red card after jumping after the ball and crashing into an opponent.

There wasn’t anything malicious in it, Regrutto said. Snow just goes all out after the ball.

He was benched, and the team went down to 10, Regrutto said. At the same time, they were pressing harder to get goals and get a win.

“We were really getting stretched out of position,” he said. The Huskies were moving into forward positions in a gamble to get the goals.

“We’re trying to win games,” he said. “We’re not content just losing a little bit.”

At Elmira on Oct. 12, the Huskies lost 3-2 in double overtime and their closest game of the season.

Tony Ramirez scored both of the Huskies’ goals, the first when he dribbled into the box and took a shot. The goalkeeper deflected the shot and it landed at Ramirez’s feet. He kicked it in.

The second came out of the defensive end, Regrutto said. Chris Carpenter headed the ball forward to Ramirez, who kicked it and then dribbled it into a one versus one with the goalie.

That tied the game 2-2 at the end. There are no ties in league play, so the two teams moved into two 10-minute overtime periods.

The first was probably the best this team has played, Regrutto said.

He thinks the team was surprised to be in a position to win and forgot what it was doing, Regrutto said. Elmira put the ball in as it crossed the middle, but the Huskies held that competitive spark.

“You could see how much they cared about winning,” Regrutto said, something he is hoping will carry over to next year.

The Huskies will play their final game at Sisters on Thursday.