Bridge engineer brings 33 years’ experience to Weddle

New York engineer Phil Pierce has more than 33 years of experience involving bridge and structural engineering.

He has worked on virtually all types of fixed and movable bridges, including major waterway structures. He has worked for a diverse group of clients and agencies on scores of projects in more than 10 states.

He is deputy commissioner in charge of engineering at the Delaware County, N.Y., Department of Public Works. In this role, he is responsible for nearly 400 bridges and large culverts and 270 miles of roads. He took the job in 1999 after 27 years working for engineering consulting firms.

Pierce operates a private consulting practice aimed primarily at covered bridges with a client base that includes municipalities, historical societies, engineering firms and contractors.

To date, he has been responsible for the investigation or preparation and rehabilitation plans for 10 covered bridges. He also served on the Vermont In-Depth Study of 75 covered bridges, the largest study of its kind.

Pierce completed a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering at Penn State in 1972 and a master of engineering degree at Penn State in 1983. He is a licensed professional engineer in five states.

He is a fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers and served the Ithaca Section as an officer and delegate to the New York and District 1 councils. He was selected as the Ithaca Section Engineer of the Year in 1993.

He served as principal investigator and primary author of the Covered Bridge Manual for the Federal Highway Administration, now in print and available for free. He also wrote several published articles and a chapter in a recent textbook and has made numerous presentations at local, regional and national conferences.

Pierce lives in Treadwell, N.Y., a rural upstate location between Binghamton and Albany, with his wife, Gabrielle, and family.