Bucks put on real show for SH man

Tristan Nichols of Sweet Home was at work in Lebanon, where he manages the city’s sewer system, on a Monday morning in mid-November when he saw a buck run up a hill outside.

Next thing he knew, Nichols heard a crashing sound. He climbed the hill and started recording video. His phone only records 15 seconds at a time, so he ended up recording six segments.

They had no idea he was there, Nichols said. “I had to step back because it was going to step on me. I watched them like a wrestling official watches a wrestling match.”

Then one of the deer lost, Nichols said. “He tried to split and was going to run. He got so close, it just startled him, and his reaction was to turn on me. He just lowered his head and rammed me.”

Nicholas said he wasn’t injured at all in the encounter.

It took a while to get the video posted, but he got it up last week. It is viewable at bit.ly/blacktails.

“It was a good demonstration of how they are this time of year,” Nichols said. The bucks are fighting over does.