Changes to under way

If you’re wondering what’s up with the format changes you’re seeing here, they are the beginning of a number of improvements to the site that we have been working on and will unveil over the next week.

The site has been off-line for the last week, but we are opening it up through Friday to give our readers a chance to check out the photo gallery additions we’ve made, particularly in boys basketball and wrestling, which both competed at state in the last week.

During the next week we will install a pay wall that will give subscribers access to increased content, improved weather, access to downloadable news and sports photos from our galleries, e-mailed alerts of breaking news and other important information, timely posting of news stories for subscribers, and video coverage of certain events.

There are a few technical glitches, such as our oversized “flag” at the top of the page, that will be evident for a short period of time, but those will be corrected soon.

We will also add an on-line pay system that will allow visitors to subscribe to either the website or the newspaper, or both.

We plan to have most of the work completed in the next two weeks, introduced in steps.

More details will be forthcoming.