Chelsea Frick, Todd Luttmer will lead SHHS Class of 2001

Chelsea Frick and Todd Luttmer will lead the SHHS Class of 2001 as valedictorians and David Burford and Jessica Brocard will be salutatorians during upcoming commencement activities.

Frick and Luttmer posted perfect 4.0 grade point averages while Burford and Brocard were within a whisker at 3.98.

The foursome head up a class of nearly 180 graduates. Rounding out the Top 10 percent academically will be Angela Fentiman, Kalee Schaefer, Lindsey Hampton, Megan Gosda, Bradley Emmert, Elizabeth Aman, Amanda Marvin, Brandy Frick, Casey Aiello, Maria Andrade, Israel Helfrich, Joshua Victor, Nicholas Graves and Ann Smith.

Frick is the daughter of Richard and Leree Frick of 457 12th Ave. She has one brother, Travis, 22. She plans to become a kindergarten teacher and enjoys writing.

“I’ve wanted to be a kindergarten teacher since I started kindergarten myself,” Frick said. “I want to teach my students honesty, kindness and trustworthiness, the most important values to me.”

Frick said that participating in cross country was a key turning point for her in high school. “It took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to succeed at something I didn’t think possible,” Frick said. “I developed some friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Frick said she wouldn’t change anything about heår high school experience because “it’s been great” and she would encourage others to get involved.

Although a small school, SHHS offers students a good range of extracurricular activities, Frick said. “However, a wider variety would offer all students a chance to sucåceed,” Frick added.

If she could change something about SHHS, Frick would add foreign language classes, including American Sign Language. She would also like to see driver’s education reinstated because it is beneficial to so many persons.

English, Spanish and cadet teaching have been her favorite classes because they reflect her interests, journalism and teaching.

“The teachers in these departments were all supportive and made me feel good about myself,” she said.

If she could design the SHHS academic program it would be one with enough variety to allow all students to succeed.

Frick has been active in National Honor Society, Key Club secretary, cross country, band and cadet teaching. She was the Sportsman’s Holiday queen, help with adopt-a-highway, was a Salvation Army bell ringer, a Red Cross volunteer and a Twin Oaks Care Center volunteer.

She plans to attend Oregon State University after graduation.

In addition to teaching kindergarten, Frick would like to someday travel to Australia and New York and write a children’s book.

Todd Luttmer

Todd Luttmer, 18, is the son of LeRoy and Debby Luttmer of 2405 Cedar.

He two brothers, Travis, 21, and Courtney, 22.

Luttmer plans to attend Oregon State and become an engineer.

Luttmer said his best high school experience was being involved with the school play and the haunted house.

He wouldn’t change his high school experience and sees good sportsmanship as high school’s strongest point but the lack of participation by many students is a weakness.

“I would like to see more school spirit,” Luttmer said.

Materials science and physics have been Luttmer’s favorite classes because he was able to use engineering skills and hands-on activities.

If he could design the SHHS educational program, Luttmer would like to see teachers who are excited about their job and able to provide more one-on-one help for students.

Soccer, baseball, Spanish Club, senior class board, student council, like crew and National Honor Society have kept Luttmer busy. He’s also active with his church youth group and volunteers at church and with SHEM.

His long-term goal is to have a job he enjoys and a good family.

Jessica Brocard

Jessica Brocard, 18, is the daughter of Nancy and Joe Brocard of 27460 Fern Ridge Road.

She has two sisters, Lisa, 15, and Sara, 12.

Going to Mexico with the Spanish Club has been a highlight of high school because she was able to see new things and enjoy the warm weather.

Brocard plans to become an English teacher, so it’s no surprise that her favorite class was English taught by Mr. Emmert.

“He made it fun and easy to learn,” she said.

Brocard would take a wider variety of classes and get more involved in activities if she could do high school over.

SHHS strengths include being small and friendly but its weakness is being close-minded.

Brocard would like to see more electives offered, as well as more career-oriented classes.

Her activities have include basketball, softball, cross country, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, May Week, Homecoming, and won the Best of Show award at the 2001 Art Week.

In the community, Brocard was active in community clean up, canned food drives, helped at the Oregon Jamboree and with Thanksgiving Baskets.

She plans to attend Western Oregon University and major in Language Arts.

David Burford

David Burford, 17, is the son of Bob and Cynde Burford of 1395 Fern Lane.

He has one brother, Chris, 15.

Burford plans to attend OIT or OSU and become an engineer.

Planning and running the haunted house at the annual carnival was a highlight of the year for Burford.

He would have studied harder in his U.S. History class and gotten an “A” rather than a “B” Burford said of any change he would make in his career.

SHHS strengths are providing a good background for involved students but its weakness is getting students involved.

“We need more activities to get students involved and raise our school spirit and tradition,” Burford said.

Materials science technology has been his favorite class because it combined chemistry with hands-on projects and labs.

Burford said the current course program is good but he would have fewer student assist and open periods.

Burford has been active in baseball, soccer, track, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, class board, newspaper, yearbook, homecoming carnival and May Week.

In the community, he has been involved in Boy Scouts, Kiwanis, city clean up, church youth group, and is an Oregon Jamboree volunteer.