Conrads retire from Slip ‘n Snip; look forward to sleeping in

Retirement from Slip ‘n Snip Scissors

means no alarm clock for Conrads

No alarm clock.

That’s what Don and Cindy Conrad are looking forward to during their retirement.

Don retired Friday from Slip ‘n Snip Scissors, after 29 years 7 months. His wife, Cindy, retired the same day after nearly 21 years with the company.

Don leaves as the company foreman and Cindy as the company’s general manager.

Slip ‘n Snip owner Don Gallogly says the two are ideal employees.

“They are good, steady, reliable,” Gallogly said. “They will be missed.”

It was Don Conrad’s brother-in-law who first told him about the job opening at Slip ‘n Snip.

“I got my job when Ed Seelander owned the company,” Don said. “I’m foreman but I’ve done every job.”

A 1955 SHHS graduate, Don says he has enjoyed his working time at the company.

“It’s a fast-paced business, so the time goes by fast,” he said. “It’s kept the bacon on the table. Anytime you can make a useful product, you’re contributing to society.”

The Conrads live at Waterloo and say they have no plans to move during retirement.

Two older children, Lori and Tom live elsewhere in Oregon. A daughter, Leslie, is in the Army. A son Joseph, 12, will keep the couple busy volunteering at his school and with soccer practice and games.

The family enjoys spending time together camping, hunting and fishing.

“I’ve had excellent employers here,” Don said. “We’ve also gotten to work with some very nice people.”

At times, Don said, he had to improvise equipment to keep everything running since the folding scissors are a unique item.

Don Gallogly Jr., 33, has been named vice president and general manager of the company, his father said Friday.

He brings a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Miami of Ohio to the post.

Taking the company’s foreman position is Todd Lange.