Council rates City Manager Craig Martin ‘very good,’ awards pay hike

Sean C. Morgan

The Sweet Home City Council gave City Manager Craig Martin a positive evaluation during its regular meeting on Aug. 13 and granted him a 3-percent step increase.

“Craig Martin scored ‘very good’ in all categories,” said Mayor Jim Gourley.

The evaluation rated the city manager on a scale ranging from “needs improvement” to “satisfactory,” “good,” “very good” and “excellent.”

The evaluation was conducted in closed executive session, with councilors Greg Mahler, Craig Fentiman, Dave Trask, Bruce Hobbs and Gourley present. Absent were Marybeth Angulo and Scott McKee Jr.

Combined, the marks averaged out to “very good,” Gourley said. “The council believes Craig’s doing an overall good job, with strengths that are good for the city.”

“He cares very much for the city. He’s involved not only in city activities but other aspects of the community.”

Martin appears to have a good working relationship within the city organization, Gourley said. “I think it says a lot for your city when you can retain good management for an extended period of time.

“I feel he does a good job and has the best intentions and interests of the city at all times.”

The council voted 4-1 to grant the step increase.

Voting yes were Fentiman, Hobbs, Mahler and Gourley. Trask voted no.

“I voted for a freeze last year, and I still stand by that,” Trask said. “I just think he’s paid enough. In this economy, I think he’s paid well, especially in the circumstances we’re in.”

Martin moves to Step D on his salary schedule, $7,699 per month.

Martin’s salary had been frozen for three years, he said.

In lieu of cost-of-living adjustments to the salary schedule, the City Council approved the addition of two new 3-percent steps at the top end and the removal of the lowest two 5-percent steps from city salary schedules as part of 2010-13 contract settlements with union employees in 2011.

Steps are merit-based raises based on positive evaluations. The city has five steps. Steps two and three provide 5-percent raises, while the fourth and fifth steps provide 3-percent raises.

Most management personnel are at the top step.

Among other management employees, Public Works Director Mike Adams earns $6,493 per month; Finance Director Pat Gray, $6,193; Joseph Graybill, senior engineering technician, $5,106; Communications Supevisor Penny Leland, $4,864; Police Chief Jeff Lynn, $6,067; police Sgt. Jason Ogden, 5,080; Sgt. Jason Van Eck, $5,623; Library Director Rose Peda, $4,333; Public Works Office Manager Cynthia Robeck, $3,843; and Public Works Maintenance Supervisor Pat Wood, $4,914.

All but three are at the top step. Lynn is on the first step. Ogden is on the second, and Peda is on the second.

Salaries may reflect a 2-percent longevity bonus and pay for extra certification.