Elks Hoop Shoot free-throw winners announced

Six local children qualified for the next level of the Elks Hoop Shoot free throw competition Saturday at the Boys and Girls Club on Saturday morning, Jan. 20.

Some 700 children, ages 8-13, from the Sweet Home and Central Linn school districts competed in the contest, which began with free-throw competitions in the individual schools. Nearly all of the 38 school winners competed in the Hoop Shoot.

Qualifiers for the district competition, which will be held Saturday, Jan. 27 at Linus Pauling Middle School in Corvallis, were:

Jesse Wibbens of Central Linn in the 8-9 boys category, who sank five-of-five free throws in a shoot-off to edge out Kobe Galster of Oak Heights, who made four of five. Both sank 11 of their 25 shots to qualify for the shootoff.

Ashley Pierce of Hawthorne in the Girls 8-9 category, who sank 11 of 25.

Christian Voldbaek of Hawthorne in the Boys 10-11 category, who sank 14 of 25, the highest score of the day.

Kaitlyn MacDermott of Central Linn in the Girls 10-11 category, who sank 12 of 25.

Nick Moore of Foster, who shot 3 of 5 in a shootoff to beat Scotty Stockman of Sweet Home Junior High (2 of 5) in the Boys 12-13 category. Both sank 11 of 25 in the regular competition.

Sabrina Davis of Oak Heights, who shot 10 of 25 to win the Girls 12-13 category.

Other winners of the individual school competitions, who qualified for Saturday’s competition, were:

Crawfordsville – Wade Paulus (10-11 Boys), Kristin Pitts (10-11 Girls), Zane Jackson (12-13 Boys) and Cassie Johnson (12-13 Girls);

Foster – Nicholas Richard (8-9 Boys), Allison Runia (8-9 Girls), Park Young (10-11 Boys), Brianna Shaddon (10-11 Girls) and Cyrstal Crites (12-13 Girls);

Hawthorne – Brett Blachly (8-9 Boys), Andrea Marsh (10-11 Girls), Nene Mauer (12-13 Boys) and Nicole Bell (12-13 Girls);

Holley – Jaeric Cvitanic (8-9 Boys), Lola Naiman (8-9 Girls), Montana Baxter (10-11 Boys), Megan Graville (10-11 Girls), Kyle Moore-McKay (12-13 Boys) and Amanda McDowell (12-13 Girls);

Oak Heights – MacKenzie Virtue (8-9 Girls), Ben Terry (10-11 Boys), Kaitlyn Lucern (10-11 Girls), and Jacob Smith (12-13 Boys).

Sweet Home Junior High – Annie Whitfield (12-13 Girls).