Equestrians qualify four girls for state meet

The Sweet Home High School equestrian team will send four girls to the state meet next month in Redmond.

The team competed in their third and final meet over the weekend, placing overall in five events for the season and earning the right to compete at state next month.

The drill team, including Cera Kem Meisha Carlin, Larissa Bjornsen and Jessalyn Seiber, placed third overall in their district.

In team penning, Bjornsen, Kem and Seiber placed fourth overall.

In bi-wrangle, Bjornsen and Seiber placed fourth overall.

Bjornsen placed third overall in keyhole and figure eight.

During the meet, held Friday through Sunday at the State Fairgrounds in Salem, Kem and Carlin placed seventh of 40 teams in working pairs.

The drill team placed third of six teams.

Bjornsen placed 10th of 79 riders in barrels.

Bjornsen, Kem, Jessica Blankenship and Seiber finished second of 23 teams. The team is an alternate in this category for the state meet.

Kem, Bjornsen and Siber finished ninth of 18 teams in penning.

“I was very proud of them this weekend, and I was glad not just one person’s going to state this year,” Coach Billie Bjornsen said.

The team voted on three team awards following the meet, naming Larissa Bjornsen most valuable rider, naming Jessica Blankenship most improved and awarding Jessalyn Seiber the team spirit award.

The team will compete at the state meet from May 15 to May 17 in Redmond, with drill and team penning held on May 16 and gaming events on May 17.