Fishing Update

Willamette Zone

South Willamette Zone Fishing Information

Mid-Willamette Area:

STOCKING: The following are scheduled for stocking in the South Willamette Watershed District the week of July 1: Breitenbush River, Carmen Reservoir, Detroit Reservoir, Fall Creek,

Foster Reservoir, McKenzie River Upper, Quartsville Creek, Santiam River North Fork, and Trail Bridge Reservoir.

SANTIAM RIVER: About 70,000 spring chinook and 24,000 summer steelhead have passed the falls at Oregon City, putting a lot of fish into the upper Willamette system.

SOUTH SANTIAM: In the South Santiam, both steelhead and chinook are being recycled from Foster Dam back downstream to Waterloo. Water releases from Foster Dam are down to about 1100 cfs and are expected to remain at about that level through the end of June. Anglers have been doing well from Waterloo upstream to the dam.

NORTH SANTIAM: There are lots of fish in the lower and middle reaches of the North Santiam, with good success being reported from the Mill City area and downstream. Because Detroit Reservoir is full, changes in water level in the river reflect the rate of snowmelt. The river level has decreased a little since last week, making angling conditions even better. Steelhead have been moving past the Bennett dams at a fairly steady rate so fish numbers are increasing in the upper river. Since the river cooled a little last week, chinook seem to be holding where they are and are still plentiful in the Stayton area. Steelhead are being recycled from the trap at Minto back down to Mehama or John Neal Park on a weekly basis.

DETROIT RESERVOIR: Will be stocked again this week with catchable rainbow trout. The reservoir is at full pool, so all boat ramps are open.

FOSTER RESERVOIR: Continues fair for trout. Bass and bluegill are also available, primarily along the face of the dam and around the peninsula at the east end of the lake.

GREEN PETER RESERVOIR: Has been producing good catches of 11-14″ kokanee. Best results have come from trolling at 40-50 feet.

South Willamette Area:

McKENZIE RIVER from Leaburg to Bellinger was stocked last week with legal trout. Turbidity levels have dropped to a level that dry fly fishing is possible. Good catches of trout are being reported.

Both the McKenzie below Leaburg and the Middle Fork Willamette below Dexter are producing a great opportunity for fin-clipped salmon and steelhead. limits are being caught by manyanglers from boats and bank.