Girls await water polo districts Saturday

Sweet Home’s girls waterpolo team is sitting on top of the league as it goes into districts this Saturday, Oct. 28, at South Albany after earning a bye in the first round on Friday.

The Huskies played their final league match Thursday, Oct. 26, against Corvallis.

The girls won their match 15-5, despite playing ball control on orders from coach Kathy Benzo, who told them to pass at least three times before taking a shot, to “force them to make better passes when we play more experienced teams,” Benzo said.

“NoraJean Lemar and Faith Helfrich did a great job on the defense – a great big light bulb came on and it showed in their playing,” Benzo said. “(Goalie) Tee Whaley once again had some great passes from deep and shallow end, and saved the ball eight times.”

Benzo said Laura Gourley “played a great defensive game as well,” scoring four goals, two assists and collecting three steals. “But most important,” Benzo said, “she has become a very versatile player.”

Alyshia Benzo was double-teamed for much fof the day, but still managed to score six goals, add an assist and five steals.

Justine Calhoon scored two goals and assisted in two others, adding five steals. Alice Davis, Nicole Martin and Faith Helfrich each scored a goal.

“Overall, the girls did a great job,” Benzo said. The girls will play at Districts at 10:15 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, at the South Albany pool.

The boys played a very physical game, losing 13-9, but displaying “some very impressive offensive moves,” Benzo said. “It was great to see how well the boys were communicating and passing. We’ve come a long way. Althought we lost the game it was very exciting to watch both teams would respond to each other whenever the other would scored, making a very nail-biting game.”

Jayce Calhoon scored four goals assisted in two others. Zach Fetch and Brinden Sanders each scored twice and Michael Simmonds scored one goal.

The boys are playing at home at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, against Cresent Valley for a District spot. If the boys win this game they will play on Friday at Districts.

Sweet Home 15, Bend 13

The Bend girls never arrived Oct. 12 for their game, so the Husky girls played against Bend boys “and had a great time,” Benzo said.

The boys score 15-13.

“The boys waited till the last quarter to make their move and it made this game very exciting,” Benzo said. “Tthe boys scored 8 goals in the last quarter – way to give the coach a heart attack.

Zach Fetch scored seven goals and had eight steals, while Jayce Calhoon scored five goals and had six steals.