Girls defeat Cascade 1-0 in first soccer win

Sweet Home 1, Cascade 0

Megan Rubidoux slipped around a Cascade defender and went one versus one with the goalkeeper to score a late game-winning goal Thursday afternoon at home in girls high school soccer.

Rubidoux scored with about 12 minutes left in the game to lead the Huskies to a 1-0 win, their first of the year.

The Huskies have one win and two ties.

Coach Ramiro Santana credited a strong defense that constantly fed the offense, which had to face a talented Cascade goalkeeper.

“Cascade has one heck of a goalie,” Santana said. “She is amazing. If would not have been for her, the story would have been a little different.”

She managed to stop shot after shot, including about 10 from Rubidoux, he said. “The goalie they had just blocked some incredible shots.”

While he credit’s Cascades goalie for getting in the way of the Huskies offense, Santana said his offense still needs some improvement.

“Our defense is playing really good,” he said. “I think it’s probably our strongest. It seems to me we struggle with the offense.”

The Huskies are getting the ball, but they don’t score, he said. “The defense, the way they’re playing is keeping us alive.”

Santana is still making adjustments with positions, he said. Goalie Kristen Tolle brings a lot to the defense when Sabrina Davis is goalkeeper, adding to the combined defensive power of Rylee Cole, Shelbey Gillespie, Kaitlin Keenon and Jazmine Morris.

Forward Katie Virtue also added to the defense in another configuration.

Virtue can play goal too, freeing up Davis at forward and Tolle for defense, Santana said. Rubidoux can drop back to defense provide a big kick and make it an offensive game.

“I think we’re getting better,” Santana said. “Our shooting will get better.

“A coach is never pleased. You always want more.”

The Huskies played well, but they still need to work on a few things, dribbling, passing, plays and most especially the shooting,

Santana said. The players need to play a little more selfishly and take a few more shots. Jasmin Yoder has great control at midfield, and she advances then passes. She doesn’t take shots, but that’s something Santana wants her to start doing,

putting her ball control ability to use.

On the road on Sept. 7, the Huskies tied with Stayton, 1-1.

“They’re an experienced team,” Santana said. The team runs seniors and juniors with a freshman on the sidelines.

Stayton scored in the first half when Davis playing at goal decided to kick the ball instead of grabbing, Santana said. She missed, and the ball rolled into the net.

The Eagles took a lot of shots, Santana said, and they have a good, tall goalie. Shots over her head would be stopped.

The Huskies were unable to score a goal until late in the game.

The Huskies scored in the minute 32 or 33 of the second half on corner kick from the left side. Rubidoux knocked it in with a header into the opposite corner of the goal from to where the goalie was.

The Huskies host Lebanon on Wednesday and Cottage Grove on Tuesday, opening league play against one of the main teams to beat, Santana said.