Girls drop two soccer matches at home

Westside Christian 7,

Sweet Home 0

Westside Christian defeated the Huskies at home 7-0 Monday afternoon.

“I knew about them,” Coach Ramiro Santana said. “They have incredible shooting.”

They shoot well and kick hard, with three or four girls who can shoot from anywhere, Santana said. Their passing is incredible. It’s “an amazing team.”

“We did the best we could,” Santana said. “Our defenders did the best they could.”

The Huskies are still learning, Santana said. “Even though we lost that badly, my girls are starting to play much better.”

They’re looking much better in all areas, passing and communicating, Santana said. “I’m pretty happy with the improvement. It’s not as fast as I want it to go, but it will come. They don’t give up. I like that.”

The Huskies had a couple of shots but were unable to score them, Santana said.

He also lost one of his good, experienced players, Leanna Blankenship, a junior, he said. She suffered a broken collarbone during the game and will probably be out for the season. That hurt the team.

Westside scored five goals in the first half, hard kicks past the goalie, Santana said. He subbed freshman Kaitlin Keenon in at goalie for Kathy Wilson and “did a pretty good job in the second half.” The Huskies held Westside to two goals in the half.

Central 3, Sweet Home 1

The Huskies had their chances to score, but were only able to put one in the net at home Thursday, Sept. 27, against Central.

“We actually did not play too bad,” Santana said. “We had a couple of mistakes, but for the whole game, I’m pretty happy with it.”

Brianna Wirth scored for the Huskies in the first half after Central took an early 2-0 lead. Wirth got the ball when a Central pass went awry and bounced off a Panthers player.

“Brianna took a great shot and it went in,” Santana said.

The Huskies had other opportunities, but couldn’t follow through.

“We had a couple of good chances to score, one with Jessie Snow, and we missed that one,” Santana said. Snow took a corner kick from Shelby Gillespie and shot, but the ball hit the bottom of the crossbar and bounced out.

“It could have gone either way. Both times they scored, it was just little mistakes by our defense. We missed a couple of kicks and let them take a shot.”

The good news was that the Huskies played consistently throughout the game. Santana said his players just need to be more aggressive in shooting.

“The shots we take are very good,” he said. “We need to take shots on these goalies. We need to find out (how good they are) and take that shot. We need to be aggressive enough to put the ball in.”