Girls lose two in soccer

A good shot at victory slipped through the Husky girls’ soccer team’s feet at home Wednesday when Horizon Christian defeated the Huskies 2-1.

“It was a good game,” Coach Ramiro Santana said. “It was just one of those long shots halfway from the middle of the field.”

Megan Rubidoux gave the ball to Brianna Wirth on a corner kick to score 25 minutes into the game, Santana said, and the Huskies led 1-0 at halftime.

Horizon managed to put the ball into the goal about 15 minutes into the second half to tie the game, Santana said. The game was back and forth after that, and with about two minutes left a call on a mid-field collision went Horizon’s way.

That penalty kick sailed just over goalie Kristen Tolle’s head into the corner of the goal, Santana said. “There was no time for us to tie up the game.”

Santana liked the way his team played, he said. “I really thought we were going to win that game. The defense played good. We played tough and did pretty much what we were supposed to do.”

Monday afternoon, speed defeated the Huskies 9-0 at Western Mennonite, between Salem and Dayton.

“We did good probably our first 15 minutes,” Santana said. “They finally figured out we didn’t have the speed, and that was it.”

The Huskies’ defense isn’t fast, he said. In a contest of equals in speed, they can stop just about anything; but Western Mennonite was able to slip around the Huskies and get into many one-on-one situations with the goalie.

Tolle came up with 23 saves in the first half, he said. In the second half, the Huskies were able to hold Western Mennonite back a little, and Alex Hawk wasn’t quite as busy at goal.