Girls soccer defeats S. Salem

The girls soccer team defeated South Salem 3-0 on the road on Wednesday

“The girls played pretty good in the first in the first half, but they’re still not playing to their potential,” Coach Eric Markell said. The girls scored one goal by halftime then dominated South Salem in the second half when they scored two more goals.

“We were just making bad decisions,” Coach Markell said of the first half. “We weren’t marking up. We were just kind of kicking it.”

The girls came off the field at halftime thinking they should have scored more, Coach Markell said. He agreed and started talking about where to improve.

The Huskies outshot South Salem, Coach Markell said, but “they had some good looks and good shot.”

Jill Wilson is still learning her position as goalie, and she did much better than in previous games, Coach Markell said.

Stefani Crocker scored two goals. Amber Erickson scored one.

The Huskies lost 9-0 to North Marion to open league play Thursday at home.

“The first 15 minutes, we dominated the game,” Coach Markell said. “We outplayed them. We outshot them. We should have scored, but we didn’t.”

Like when they played North Marion in the Jamboree, 15 minutes into the game, the Huskies fell apart, and North Marion started scoring.

The first 15 minutes of that game were “the best I’ve seen them play in two years,” Coach Markell sad. “I know they can play that way now.”

The girls are 1-2.