God triumphs over man’s sin


Keith Cantrell claimed (Feb. 1), “There is no God.” He asked, “Where is God in times of evil?”

Listing personal losses, his “gnawing doubt” and global tragedies as his evidence, his logic can be summarized this way: (1) evil & suffering exist; (2) an all- powerful, loving God could and would prevent it; (3) God is therefore non-existent. Since Keith?s denial of God was public, my response is also open.

First, let me say that global and personal suffering and evil devastate terribly. It is not my intent to insensitively disregard trauma and tragedy from human suffering. Yet, Mr. Cantrell’s statement rings like a formal, settled declaration of philosophical atheism, not a passionate cry from the heart in a time of searing pain.

Moral problems do not rule out the existence of God, they affirm it. Conscience tells us there is a God. The existence of evil points us towards the existence of God, not away from it! Atheism is incapable of consolation or explanation.

We need to be thankful for the countless blessings we receive from the God he denies, the God who extends mercy and allows us time to turn to Him. Mr. Cantrell’s religious change appears to have started by accusing God of mismanagement and subsequently he graduated to charging God with the crime of nonexistence.

However the Bible is clear: History is where God triumphs over man?s sin and redeems through Christ and reconciles the world to Himself. No human religious activity meets minimum qualifications for the job of being God?s Judge.

Unbelief only stares into a dark hopeless void judging things wrong and never righting anything. A biblical response to evil and suffering goes beyond time and space because it is rooted in spiritual and personal relationship with God who is actually in total control of all things.

Pete Ready