Got lights? Yes, we do

If you’re ready to take the family out for a drive to look at holiday lights, we’ve got a list of locations for you, suggested by readers in our “Got Lights?” contest and a few that we’ve collected via other means.

Our judging team went out over last weekend, after the contest ended Friday, and came up short on a winner simply because some people had their lights turned off Sunday night. Given the fact that the weather was foul, we’ll do another check on the nominations that weren’t lit up in the wind and rain before we crown a winner.

(Hint to prospective winners: Keep those babies turned on.)

We may have missed a few, but here’s a list of what readers and we thought were the best we’ve seen thus far. We’ll announce the winner in next week’s edition, along with the tipster whose name will be drawn, both of whom will win a one-year’s subscription to The New Era.

Here are our recommendations for prime viewing spots, starting on the west end of town and heading east:

o Meadowlark Street (particularly 1410)

o 1300 Westwood

o Sunset Lane (particularly 1450 and south end)

o Strawberry Loop (particularly the house at the very top and a couple in the 300 block)

o Fern Lane

o 1st Avenue between Highways 228 and 20

o 2nd Avenue

o 3rd Avenue

o 4th Avenue above Juniper

o 700 block 5th Avenue

o 800 block 8th Avenue

o 939 Cedar

o Pinetop and Boulder Ridge Streets in the Canyon Creek neighborhood

o 10th Avenue (most-decorated street)

o 11th Avenue

o 300 block of 17th Avenue

o 1700-1800 blocks of Elm Street

o 1800 block of Grape Street

o 2263 Harding (corner of Mountain View)

o 27th Avenue

o Foothill Drive

o 29th Avenue

o 1155 35th Avenue

o 40th Avenue neighborhood

o 4100 block of Long Street

o 4224 Long Street

o 1100 block of 43rd Avenue

o 4500 block of Long Street

o 1200 47th Avenue

o 1200 49th Avenue

o 4410 Airport Road

o Locust Court cul-de-sac

o 54th Avenue between Main and Poplar

o 57th Avenue

o 43189 North River Road

o 27884 18th Lane (Note: View this one from the road. Driving down the lane is not recommended)

o 41852 North River Road

Corner of Northside Drive and Pleasant Valley

o 28044 and 28050 Meridian Heights Loop

o 28124 Ridgeway

o Corner North River Road and Epps Lane (Note: This is the only house on Epps Lane that is lit, so traveling the length of the narrow street is not recommended)