Grapplers third at Albany tournament

Wrestling without five varsity grapplers, Steve Thorpe’s Huskies still finished third Saturday at the always tough South Albany tournament.

“Our JV guys really stepped up and did the job for us,” Coach Thorpe said. “I thought our varsity guys who weren’t sick also wrestled well.”

Coach Thorpe said Andrew Swanson, Neil Workman, Kyle Temple, Chris Phillips, Israel Helfrich, matt Vassar and Daniel Brewer all had a good tournament.

Second varsity grapplers who turned in strong performances were Mike Lummus, Thomas Rosa and Jason Tuchardt among others.

“Thomas Rosa really shined for us,” Coach Thorpe said. “Rob Martin, a fresman at 215 and heavyweight is getting better every week.”

Charles Murray and Hance Woody also drew praise from their coach.

Calendar: The Huskies host Molalla Thursday. JV action starts at 6 p.m. and the varsity matches will start at 7 p.m. This will be senior night honoring Andy Ellis, Ross Almason, Israel Helfrich, Trevor Burchard and Tyler Horn.

South Albany Tournament

Canby, first; Redmond, second; Sweet Home, third; Silverton, fourth.

Varsity placings: 103: Swanson, first; 112: Emmert, second; 119: Workman, third; 125: Horn, fourth; 130: Temple, third; 135: Phillips, second; 140: Burnett, sixth; 145: I. Helfrich, second; 171: Buchard, sixth; 189: Vassar, fourth; 215: Brewer, third.

103-Swanson: pinned Parker, Silverton, 1:03; dec. Kuznetson, Canby, 9-1; dec. Rolls, Remond, 9-2.

112-Emmert: pinned Westerlund, Remond; was dec. 13-4 by Schantin, Canby.

119-Workman: was dec. 14-3 by Gadberry, Canby; dec. Krebbs, Remond, 13-4.

125-Horn: dec. Gosnell, S. Albany, 12-2; was pinned by Lerwill, Redmond in 5:04; was pinned by Vinton, Clackamas, 1:44.

130-Temple: was dec. 5-0 by Hudson, Redmond; pinned Hutchinson, S. Albany, 2:51.

135-Phillips: dec. Kaylenburg, Canby, 7-5 in OT; dec. Aceves, S. Albany, 5-4; was pinned by Rodgers, Redmond, 2:59.

140-Burnett: was dec. 11-9 by Walker, West View; was dec. 6-4 by Thomas, Canby.

145-I. Helfrich: won by default over Curtis, Redmond; pinned Plumb, S. Albany, 5:00; was dec. 25-10 by Loescher, Clackamas.

152-Lambert: was dec. 6-5 by McLaugh, Silverton; was dec. 11-10 by Stroller, Westview.

160-McCubbins: was pinned by Tomkins, Redmond, 3:04; was pinned by Setniker, Santiam, 3:39.

171-Burchard: was pinned by Chaney, Silverton, :54; dec. Pfemmer, Redmond, 7-4; was dec. by Brewer, Santiam, 12-8.

189-Vassar: was dec. 20-4 by Sacher; dec. Poulot, W. Albany 8-0; was pinned by Taylor, Redmond, 3:04.

215-Brewer: was dec. 6-4 by Martin, Redmond; pinned Vetor, S. Albany, :50.

Junior Varsity

Chad Workman, third, 103; Chris Harnden, fourth, 112; Thomas Rosa, second, 125; Ricky Stock, fourth, 130; Mike Lummus, first, 135; Jason Tuchardt, second, 140; Hance Woody, fourth, 160; Matt Miner, third, 189; Rob Martin, fifth, 215.

103-C. Workman: pinned Gould, Silverton, 4:53; was dec. 3-2 by Moulton, Redmond.

112-Harnden: was pinned by Norton, Redmond, 1:56; pinned Barnes, S. Albany, 1:29; was pinned by Callaway, Canby, 1:03.

119-Murray: was dec. 6-3 by Johnson, Canby; was dec. 16-2 by Custer, Westview.

125-Rosa: was dec. 10-7 by Reges, W. Albany; dec. Calvin, Canby, 15-12; pinned Karas, Westview, 1:24.

130-Stock: was dec. 8-5 by Delay, W. Albany; was dec. 15-5 by Quintaro, Silverton; pinned Galeotti, Canby, 2:45.

135-Lummus: pinned Conrad, W. Albany :29; dec. Wilkes, Westview, 11-0; dec. Cornu, Silverton, 15-13 in OT.

135-J. Rosa: was pinned by Glover, Redmon, :39; pinned J. Cornu, Silverton, 3:38.

140-Tuchardt: was dec. 7-0 by Wilson, Redmond; was pinned by Fidler, Santiam, 6:25; dec. Schrader, Canby, 11-3.

160-Woody: was dec. 6-4 in OT by Bittner, Santiam; pinned Ellingson, Silverton, 2:47; was pinned by Iustafson, Canby, 4:47.

189-Miner: was pinned by Vidiz, Westview, 1:36; was dec. 9-7 by Keefer, S. Albany; pinned Young, W. Albany, 2:53.

215-Rob Martin: pinned Ropp, Santiam, 3:44; was pinned by Smith, Canby, 3:26.