Hard working mix for Husky track teams

With 34 on the boys squad and 28 on the girls roster, Husky track coach Billy Snow welcomes a sizable number of bodies for the 2002 campaign.

The boys team lost several veterans to graduation in 2001 including Casey Aiello, a thrower, distance runners Andrew Allen, Nick Graves and Justin Temple, sprinter David Burford, pole vaulter Jake Dahlenburg, sprinter Matt Kragness and throwers Aron VanDijk and Noah Gray.

Kragness and Dahlenburg were both state placers in their individual events.

The girls squad lost sprinter Liz Aman, hurdler/sprinter Christine Dompier and distance runner Maria Andrade.

“What impresses me most about this group of kids is how hard they work and how much fun they are,” Coach Snow said. “Our girls were young last year and we return most of them this year. We’ll have to plug some holes and see some kids step up but I think we can easily do it.”

Nicole Burnside returns as a leading contender in the Capital Conference throwing events.

“We’re going to have a solid girls throwing crew,” Coach Snow said. “Rachel Gaskey is back and looking good. We will have a whole crew shooting for that third varsity spot.”

Senior girls include Hannah Ross, Christine Smith, Nicole Burnside and Becky Wilson.

“Most of our girls are sophomores or freshmen,” Coach Snow said. “We have several sophomores with considerable experience.”

Some of those sophomores include sprinters Stephanie Kragness, Lisa Brocard and Ashley Smith.

Returning distance runners include Ann Helfrich and Megan Snow.

Throwers include Rachel Gaskey, Shaina Burnett, Amber Larsen and Megan Schaefer.

Andrea Martin returns in the middle distances.

For the boys, Jared Allen returns as one of the top three hurdlers in the league according to Coach Snow.

Keegan Burnett holds high promises in the pole vault, improving each year.

Junior returnees include Mauro Angulo and Casey Baarson in sprints, Chris Burford in distance races, Robert McGarry in the pole vault, Sam Rodgers and Brad Seiber in throwing events.

“Everyone is going to be chasing Molalla,” Coach Snow said of the conference race. “They have a lot of their cross country crew back. Cascade and Stayton will be in the hunt.”

The Huskies are new and unknown, Coach Snow said. “We’re going to throw guys into events and see what they can do,” Coach Snow said.

For the girls race, Cascade and Sisters will have a lot of speed. “Cascade took a big hit when they lost the Goff girl and a good thrower,” Coach Snow said. “Sister is flat out fast.”

Molalla, Stayton and Sweet Home will push the leaders.

“So far, we’ve had a strong core of kids out,” Coach Snow said. “We’ve got some new kids that are hard workers as well. It’s going to take a while to find where people fit best into events.”

Girls roster: Alisha Basham, 9; Lisa Brocard, 10; Shaina Burnett, 10; Nicole Burnside, 12; Nicki Emmert, 9; Michele Fields, 9; Rachel Gaskey, 10; Ann Helfrich, 10; Angela Henderson, 11; Diane Kennelly, 10; Stephanie Kragness, 10; Amber Larsen, 10; Kim Lovik, 9; Andrea Martin, 10; Elissa McCartin, 9; Kari McGuyre, 9; Danielle Rice, 10; Hannah Ross, 12; Meaghan Schaefer, 10; Ashley Smith, 10; Christine Smith, 12; Megan Snow, 10; Krystle Streight, 9; Miyuki Sukigara, 12; Chika Suzuki, 12; Becky Wilson, 12.

Boys roster: Ben Allen, 9; Jared Allen, 12; Jonahan Anderegg, 11; Mauro Angulo, 11; Casey Baarson, 11; Aaron Badgett, 9; Brett Badgett, 11; John Brown, 9; Malcom Brown, 10; Skyler Brown, 10; Chris Burford, 11; Keegan Burnett, 12; Richard Claunch, 9; Steven Covey, 11; Sam Crain, 9; Jeremy Fisher, 9; Ryan Garrett, 9; Tom Gourley, 9; Aaron Lovik, 10; John Lovik, 10; Rob Martin, 10; Wayne Martinez, 10; Robert McGarry, 11; Randy Nicholson, 11; Kellen Petersen, 9; Tory Petersen, 10; Robert Rice, 10; Sam Rodgers, 11; Brad Seiber, 11; Mike Severns, 10; Matt Slauson, 10; Ricky Stock, 12; Sebastian Strickler, 10; Nic Walker, 12; Jonathan Wilson, 10.