Head Start taking applications for fall

The Kidco Early Head Start Program is taking applications for Sweet Home parents of infants and toddlers, with top priority given to pregnant and parenting teens

Kids and Company sponsors Early Head Start, which is a free program for low-income and special-needs families. It includes eduction, nutritional, medical and dental services, social services, parent education and services for children with disabilities.

Early Head Start offers a “home-based” program for pregnant women/teens and families with infants and toddlers, as well as an infant and toddler “center-based” program.

Parents will have opportunities to participate in groups with their children, go on field trips and work with their children and an educator at home. Early Head Start emphasizes the value of parent interest and involvement in their child’s educational experience. Parents are encouraged to be involved in discussion groups and fun activities.

Every effort is made to offer services in the family’s primary language. When this is not possible, translators are provided.

Brochures may be obtained at tSweet Home High School (D-2 building), Sweet Home LBCC office, Sweet Home Library, Sweet Home Post Office, Crawfordsville Post Office, Foster Post Office, Crawfordsville and Holley stores, Sweet Home Family Practice, SHEM, Health Dept., Gleaners, local laundomats, and Sweet Home Boys & Girls Club

Applications may also be obtained at http://www.kidcoheadstart.org, by calling (541) 451-1581, or by calling the Sweet Home Center at (541) 818-0584. Specify that you are interested in the Early Head Start program.