High school thespians to stage ‘M*A*S*H’

Sweet Home High School will present a stage adaptation of M*A*S*H at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, May 25 and 26, at the high school auditorium, 1641 Long ST.

Tickets are $3 for adults, $2 for seniors and students, and $7 for families.

The cast has been rehearsing the annual play for about six weeks, said Director Alain Brown. “It’s a big cast play, so it has a lot of characters in it. I think it’s a fun play. I’ve done it before. I knew they (the students) would enjoy doing this play.”

The story is episodic, loosely following the movie, culminating in this case in a football game to raise money to send the South Korean character Ho-Jon to the United States to attend medical school.

The play is set at a mobile Army surgical hospital during the Korean War, Brown said. The plot develops out of everyday life in the MASH unit.

During the play, three sisters are driving by when their Jeep breaks down, Brown said. Being entertainers, they perform an impromptu version of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”

The Sweet Home High School jazz band will accompany the actresses during the scene.

Brown said he set the performances for a Tuesday and Wednesday to help get a good audience turnout.

The cast includes John Connelly as Gen. Hamilton Hartington Hammond, Sam Whitehead as Pvt. Boone, Conner Cunha as Lt. Col. Henry Blake, Cheryl Wilson as Lt. Janice Fury, Saul Jones as Sgt. Devine, Sara Pickett as Lt. Louise Kimble, Michael Connelly as Capt. Frank Burns, Kyle Moore-McKay as Capt. Walter Waldowski, Jake Johnson as Capt. Trapper John McIntyre, D.J. Burns as Capt. Ugly John Black, Jacob Miner as Cpl. Radar O’Reilly, Zane Jackson as Capt. Hawkeye Benjamin Pierce, Jacob Holden as Capt. Duke Augustus Bedford Forrest, Joseph Wagers as Ho-Jon, Joseph Rangel as Pvt. Lopez, Chrissy McLean as a Korean woman, Michelle Carper as Korean woman, Megan McCartin as Lt. Nancy Phillips, Polly Bond as Mjr. Hot Lips Margaret Houlihan, Lacie Johnson as Congresswoman Marjorie Goldfarb, Catrina Stengrim as Dean Mercy Lodge, Shelby Wymetalek as Miss Randazzle, Candalynn Johnson as Mitzi, Natasha Perry as Fritzi, Whitney Bruce as Agnes, Sara Barbor as Lt. Connie Liebowitz, Andrew Winslow as Capt. Oliver Wendell Jones and Megan Market as Major Ruth Haskell.

Additional cast members include Ellen Coulter, Nicki Ailshire, Lacey Bruce, Elizabeth Daboling and Kristen Peterson. Ashley Garrett is assistant director.

The performances start at 7 p.m. on May 25 and May 26 in the SHHS auditorium. Admission is $7 for families, $3 for adults and $2 for students.