Homeowners pay unfair share


I understand why Mr. Mahler (Oct. 14) and Mr. Gourley (Oct. 21) want the levies to pass. I agree that we do need the services of the  Sweet Home police and the library.

However, they failed to mention that the police levy and the library levy are not the only taxes the property owners are paying. All you need do is check your last tax statement we just received in the mail.

I heard the City Council pulled more money from the library recently. For what? Also, they bought a new fleet of cars for the city to use, not counting the police cars that were leased earlier. If this is true, the City Council certainly kept it a secret from the taxpayers of Sweet Home.

I personally feel that if the levies pass, which I am voting no on, then all citizens of Sweet Home should pay their fair share of the taxes on these levies since they reap the benefits of these services the same as the property owners.

I know one of their arguments will be that they have to pay high rent, but in reality and unfortunately, these high taxes are being passed on to them. What don’t they understand about that?

There has got to be a better way to give the property owners a break from paying for all these levies that people, other than property owners, pass.

Mary Tate

Sweet Home