Huskies down Central to make playoffs, fall to Seaside

The Huskies ended their baseball season by defeating rival Central 5-0 on May 15 at home and slipping into a state playoff berth on the road against Seaside on Friday.

Seaside defeated the Huskies 12-6 in the first round of the state playoffs.

Seaside 12, Sweet Home 6

“Although we had quite a few mistakes, we really played hard and competed, I though,” Coach Dan Tow said. “Kyle (Pettit) really was pretty good on the mound, but we allowed them too many base runners, and they were then able to capitalize with big hits.

“It was really a back-and-forth game until the very end.

“I was proud of our kids’ effort. Both teams had some nervousness and made some mistakes, but the effort was definitely there.”

At bat, Pettit went 2-4 with two RBIs. Adam Matuszak, Robby Wallace and Chaz Davis each went 1-3 with an RBI. Skyler Bascom hit a sacrifice fly to record an RBI.

Carlson hit a double with three RBIs for Seaside.

Adam Hummer pitched in relief for Pettit.

Debandi was starting pitcher for Seaside and was credited with the win.

Sweet Home 111 003 0 – 6 8 6

Seaside 101 055 x – 12 11 3

Sweet Home 5, Central 0

Outstanding pitching and defense helped the Huskies defeat Central 5-0 on May 15 at home to secure a spot in the state playoffs.

“I was really proud of our kids tonight,” Tow said. “This was a game we had to win to keep our season going, and we really played flawlessly.

“Kyle Pettit was outstanding on the mound, and our defense behind him was basically perfect.

“Adam Matuszak and Kyle had big hits in that third inning, and we just put together a really nice ball game.

“The whole thing lasted one hour, and a few minutes, one of the fastest cleanest played games I’ve witnessed.

“Our defense was as good as it’s been all year. We had two double plays and no errors. Kyle only faced 23 batters and threw a total of 69 pitches in the game, one of the better pitching performances I’ve seen in a high school baseball game.”

At bat, Pettit went 1-3 with a two-run homerun. Matuszak went 1-3 with two RBIs. Bascom went 1-3 with an RBI. Brad Valloni and Robby Wallace each went 1-2.

Central 000 000 0 – 0 3 0

Sweet Home 004 001 x – 5 5 0

Sweet Home 9, Taft 1

The Huskies baseball team topped Taft 9-1 at Lincoln City on May 7.

“We got very good pitching and defense in this game,” Coach Dan Tow said. “We didn’t hit all that well, but we had some guys battle and make contact at the plate. That allowed us to score some runs.

“Greg Sipe and Skyler Bascom each had hits that drove in runs for us.”

Winning pitcher Pettit had 12 strikeouts and only one walk, while the defense committed no errors. Willoughby was losing pitcher. Sawyer pitched in relief for Taft.

At bat, Pettit went 2-3 and scored two runs. Sean Anderson went 1-2. Sipe went 1-3 with two RBIs. Bascom went 1-4 with three RBIs. Wallace and Valloni each had a single.

Sweet Home 202 104 0 – 9 7 0

Taft 000 000 1 – 1 5 0

Newport 17, Sweet Home 1

Newport topped Sweet Home 17-1 in five innings on May 11 at Newport.

“Not much to say,” Tow said. “We got whipped. They just hit the ball very well, and they had 10 hits in one inning. We haven’t had much luck with those guys.”

Hummer was losing pitcher. Travis Iverson pitched in relief.

At bat, Davis went 3-3. Pettit hit a double with an RBI. Hummer had a double.

Sweet Home 001 00 – 1 5 6

Newport 1(14)2 0x – 17 12 0