Huskies named to Oregon West Conference All-League honors

First photo: Sweet Home football players named to All-League honors include, from left: Kayo Ebbs, sophomore, linebacker, Honorable Mention; Nathan Aker, junior, defensive line First Team, offensive line Honorable Mention;Jake Sieminski, senior, defensive back, Honorable Mention; Heath Nichol, senior, quarterback, Second Team; Brady Nichols, senior, wide receiver, First Team; and, not pictured, Evan Jensen, senior, offensive line, Honorable Mention.

Second photo: Sweet Home athletes named to All-League honors include, in front, from left, Rylee Markell, junior, midfielder, Honorable Mention; Zianna Duncan, junior, soccer, defender, Honorable Mention; Tierney Clarno, sophomore, soccer, goalkeeper, Honorable Mention; Audrie Frangente, senior, soccer, midfielder, Honorable Mention; and Anabelle Morris, freshman, soccer, midfielder, Honorable Mention. In the rear, from left, are Natalie Summers, junior, volleyball, Honorable Mention; Brooklyn Hanni, junior, volleyball, First Team; Makayla Guthrie, senior, volleyball, Honorable Mention; Kaylynn Mamac, sophomore, volleyball, Second Team; Kaylene Zajic, senior, volleyball, Honorable Mention; and Bayless Mark, junior, volleyball, Second Team. Not pictured are McKenzie Miller, freshman, cross-country, Second Team; Colton Savri, junior, soccer, midfielder, Honorable Mention; and Evan Towry, senior, soccer, goalkeeper, Honorable Mention. Additionally, the boys soccer team was No. 1 in the 4A Academic All-State standings with a 3.82 GPA. The girls soccer team was Nov. 5 with a 3.71, and the girls cross-country team was No. 6 with a 3.74.