Huskies play tough in loss, leave coach optimistic

Once they dropped their cautious, defensive tactics, the Huskies found reasons to be optimistic about their future in boys soccer although they lost 2-0 to Estacada at home on Friday.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” said Coach Ryan Regrutto. “We kept it close. In the second half, things picked up. I’m definitely optimistic about the future.”

Estacada scored its first goal about 15 or 20 minutes into the game on a corner kick knocked in by a head shot, Regrutto said. “We haven’t had time to work on defined set pieces like that yet this year.”

“After that goal, I think they kind of settled in and started working hard.”

Regrutto said he is probably to blame for a lackluster first half.

The coach said he was nervous going into the game, and probably ran his team more cautiously than he should have, allowing Estacada to control the game.

The Huskies came out more aggressively in the second half and found a lot more time in possession of the ball.

“I think the kids were starting to realize they were having success,” Regrutto said. They were able to pass the ball around the other team, and they were getting chances to try to score.

“They were looking like a pretty good team,” Regrutto said.

Playing more aggressively meant a little more opening on defense, and Estacada managed to net a long shot in the corner of the goal in the last 10 minutes.

“The kids kept playing,” Regrutto said. “The kids never gave up. They just kept going. They had a great attitude. It was really impressive.”

Bryce Roberts had an outstanding game, coming up with some great saves, Regrutto said of his first varsity game at goal.

The Huskies returm tp action on the road Thursday, Sept. 9, at Cascade and Sept. 14 at Lebanon.They’ll be back in Sweet Home for a 4:30 p.m. match Sept. 16 against Stayton.