Husky netters win over Central

The Huskies defeated Central in two games, 15-12 and 15-5, to start last week’s volleyball schedule Tuesday night at home.

“It was a pretty win too,” Coach Heide Nichol said. “So I was pleased.”

The team served well, “and that usually indicates we’re going to have a good day,” Coach Nichol said.

Teresa Lewis served 11-11, and Crystal Fowler added a 12-13 performance.

Amanda Burcham set 45-50 to set up Stephanie Miller to hit 14-14 at the net with seven kills. Miller added five blocks.

Mahria Zook was 10-11 wih four kills. Lisa Brocard was 5-7 with three kills, and Kara Howell was 7-8 with a kill.

“It’s a testament to how much our passing got to the appropriate places,” Coach Nichol said.

The Huskies tripped up against Molalla on the road, losing the first game 15-13, winning the second 15-5 but losing the third 15-3.

“It took them a long time to win that (last) game,” Coach Nichol said. Serves were good, but the offense didn’t produce any points. “I don’t know why we did tis, but we just came out totally flat in the third game.”

The Husky offense never got going, and Molalla has a good hitter, Coach Nichol said. “You would think if we were able to contain her the first couple of games, it would have continued.”

On that game, Burcham set 28-31. Miller hit 18-22 with five kills. Howell hit 11-14 with three kills. Zook hit 13-15 with two kills.

Serving, Fowler was 6-7, Heather Wall was 13-13, Lewis was 11-12, each with an ace, and Zook was 9-11.

“Mahria’s coming off of a foot injury, so it’s kin of been hard for her, but just having her on the court is having a positive impact for us,” Coach Nichol said.

Over the weekend, the Huskies played in a Crescent Valley Tournament.

In two-game, 11-point pool play, the Huskies defeated McKay 11-7 and 12-10. They defeated North Eugene 11-4 then lost 11-3. Churchill defeated the Huskies 11-4, but the Huskies won the next game 11-7. They faced McKay one more time in pool play for seeding and lost 11-7 and 11-4.

In bracket play, they defeated Crescent Valley 15-6 and 15-9. McKay was next up again, and the Huskies were eliminated 15-7 and 15-11.

“The girls thought that the day went well overall, and I did too,” Coach Nichol said. “They got a lot of experience. They just played their hearts out.”

Serving, Lewis was 29-32 with eight aces. Fowler was 28-30 with three aces. Wall was 35-37 with two aces. Katie Reynolds was 26-28 with four aces.

The Huskies are showing “consistent serving,” Coach Nichol said. “The other teams hate us because we hit their short spots every time.”

Setting, Burcham was 129-137. She had help from Lewis who was 55-61.

Brocard was missing from the net Saturday with an injury, but Lewis stepped in with 20-24 and seven kills. Miller was 37-46 with 10 kills and 18 blocks. Katie Ives was 27-36 with nine kills and 10 blocks.

Howell added 45-51 with 14 kills.

“She did an excellent job,” Coach Nichol said. “She’s discovered where she needed to hit the ball to get a kill every time.”

Overall, the team is coming along well, Coach Nichol said.

In league, the Huskies are 2-2.