Husky wrestlers third at Oregon Classic

Blustery winter weather didn’t cool off Coach Steve Thorpe’s grapplers Friday and Saturday as the Huskies took third at the Oregon Classic held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds, Redmond.

Some 26 high school teams competed in the prestigious event.

“We went out and wrestled, no ifs, ands or buts,” Coach Thorpe said of his Huskies, who came in behind Estacada and Phoenix. “Our kids won matches they really shouldn’t have won.”

The Huskies were fresh off a Capital Conference opening win over Molalla, the state’s third ranked 3A team on Wednesday night before a home crowd, climaxing a big week.

“We had so many guys step up,” Coach Thorpe said. “Aris Somatis, a freshman at 103 pounds, just keeps getting better and better. He scored three falls for us and beat a ranked kid in the process.”

Joe McCaslin, 112 pounder, defeated three ranked opponents, pinning one of them. He was 4-1 on the weekend.

“We lost to Phoenix, the No. 4 ranked team in the state, but we really should have beaten them. “In our match for third or fourth, we beat Ontario and we had to hold out Vandehei (130) and Tagle (135). Shane hurt his back in the first match of the tournament and Jon hurt his shoulder.”

The Huskies had to shuffle the lineup, moving Sells in at 119, bumping Sutten to 125, Farris to 130 and forfeiting the 135 slot.

“We took four wins in a row and Sells pinned a returning state placer from last year,” Coach Thorpe said. The Huskies won 36-34.

Senior Jesse Aitken has stepped as a quiet leader for the squad, Coach Thorpe said. The 215 pounder, fresh off a long football season, is quickly becoming someone to look to for the younger wrestlers, with a positive attitude and hard work ethic.

“While we were wrestling Gladstone, Jesse was scouting Scappoose for us and did a great job,” Coach Thorpe said.

Coach Thorpe said his Huskies are beginning to jell, now that some 15 football players are getting some mat time in.

“We’re starting to do the little things a team needs to find success,” Coach Thorpe said. “Those things include being on time, being at the right weight, being first class on and off the mat…without being told to by coaches.”

Calendar: The Huskies travel to North Marion Thursday, then hit the road to the coast for the Seaside Tournament Friday and Saturday.

“This is the biggest 3A tournament in the state,” Coach Thorpe said.

Sweet Home 48

Cottage Grove 21

103: Somatis, ws pinned by McCormickin 4:56; 112: McCaslin pinned Canales in 3:00; 119: Sutten decisioned Dimock 14-2; 125: Farris dec. Calkins 6-4; 130: Vandehei dec. Green 19-11; 135: Tagle dec. Dunn 12-4; 140: T. Helfrich pinned Herzog in 1:42; 145: R. Helfrich dec. Benson 9-6; 152: Anderson was dec. 11-6 by Seffiert; 160: Cooley pinned Baker in 2:29; 171: Woody was pinned by Thompson in 5:03; 189: Castaneda was pinned by Wells in 1:10; 215: Martin pinned Cooper in 1:05; 275: Kelley pinned Hamilton in 3:49.

Sweet Home 48

Gladstone 27

103: Somatic pinned Leveque in 0:25; 112: McCaslin was pinned by Thompson in 4:41; 119: Sells pinned Brannen in 4:31; 125: Sutten dec. Strong 3-0; 130: Farris dec. Hall 7-2; 135: Vandehei pinned Limertz in 5:56; 140: Tagle pinned Somen in 1:20; 145: R. Helfrich was dec. 7-3 by Kociemba; 152: Cooley pinned Stumpf in 1:30; 160: Woody was pinned by McNall in 4:32; 171: Kidd was pinned by Jackson in 2:50; 189: Castaneda was pinned by Gray in 2:50; 215: Aitken won by forfeit; 275: Kelley won by forfeit.

Sweet Home 42

Scappoose 23

103: Somatis pinned Buchman in 1:14; 112: McCaslin decisioned Pentecost 4-2; 119: Sutten was dec. 8-1 by Garcia; 125: Farris pinned Harrington in 3:37; 130: Vandehei dec. Brooks 7-2; 135: Tagle pinned Goodnight in 1:39; 140: T. Helfrich pinned Jackson in 5:46; 145: R. Helfrich was dec. 11-10 by DeWolf; 152: Cooley was dec. 7-0 by Herr; 160: Woody was pinned by Shankles in 4:41; 171: Kidd was tech falled by Tardie 16-0; 189: Castenada pinned Hult in 1:44; 215: Aitken pinned Martinez in 1:23; 275: Kelley was dec. 5-1 by Hannah.

Phoenix 38

Sweet Home 33

103: Somatis was dec. 10-0 by Tourville; 112: McCaslin dec. Black 12-7; 119: Sutten pinned Westervan in 0:50; 125: Farris was dec. 13-5 by Kaufman; 130: Vandehei was pinned by Glang in 1:15; 135: Tagle won after Moroz was disqualified; 140: Forfeit; 145: T. Helfrich was dec. 3-1 by Berman; 152: Cooley was dec. 3-0 by Stewart; 160: Woody won by forfeit; 171: Kidd was pinned by Farrell in 0:30; 189: Castenada was pinned by Gibson in 4:44; 215: Aitken won by forfeit; 275: Kelley won by forfeit.

Sweet Home 36

Ontario 34

103: Somatis pinned Martinez in 1:31; 112: McCaslin pinned Gonzales in 3:31; 119: Sells pinned Nakamura in 4:45; 125: Sutten dec. Honesto 8-4; 130: Farris was pinned by Hernandez in 3:18; 135: Forfeit to Brandon; 140: T. Helfrich was dec. 22-17 by Trejo; 145: R. Helfrich was dec. 19-8 by Rivera; 152: Cooley was dec. 8-1 by Smith; 160: Woody was pinned by Rangel in 1:13; 171: Kidd pinned McGraw in 3:24; 189: Castenada was pinned by Smith in 0:40; 215: Aitken pinned Nunez in 3:20; 275: Kelley was dec. 7-4 by Gundke.

Capital Conference

Opener at S.H. Jan. 5

Sweet Home 39

Molalla 31

103: Somatis dec. Bartel 7-4; 112: McCaslin was pinned by Kaster in 1:41; 125: Farris pinned Roberts in 0:38; 130: Vandehei pinned Beach in 1:27; 135: Tagle pinned Ferrick in 1:45; 140: T. Helfrich was dec. 6-2 by Burley; 145: R. Helfrich was dec. 7-5 by Kuznetsov; 152: Cooley was dec. 6-4 by McGann; 160: Woody was pinned by Dailey in 2:35; 171: Kidd was pinned by Hayner in 1:45; 189: Castanada pinned Jenck in 1:15; 215: Aitken pinned Anderegg in 0:23; 275: Kelley pinned Hernandez in 1:14.