Indoor plumbing coming to the Cascadia Bible Church

Cascadia Bible Church will join the 20th century when it says farewell two outhouses and get indoor plumbing.

It has begun construction on a new fellowship hall, kitchen and indoor restrooms. This small congregation of mostly retired persons is exercising its faith in this project.

Triple T Studs donated the framing lumber needed for the project.

Several fund-raising events and donations give by members and others has helped, but the church still needs finishing materials and funds for other expenses. Any donations would gladly be received.

Gordon Short donated the land in 1948, after which, the Mennonite Church built the building. The first minister was Willard Stutzman until Melvyn Paulus was ordained and took his place.

Paulus and his family moved to Indiana in 1977. American Missionary Fellowship then took over the church.

Clive Millett, the present minister, and his wife, Sharon, through their desiccation and hard work have made this happen.

The residents of Cascadia will finally have their vision fulfilled, no more going out in the weather to the outhouse.