Josai alumni needed to write letters

Thirty Letters to Josai High School needed.

Sweet Home High School students need your help in gathering 30 letters to take to Japan on June 9.

This year Josai High School in Tokyo will be celebrating 30 years of being the sister school to Sweet Home High School. Over those years many students have participated in either the summer or the school year exchange programs. Others in our community have opened their homes and their hearts by being host families for either the short stay or the year long programs.

The eight Sweet Home students who are visiting Tokyo in June will be taking part in a ceremony commemorating this anniversary. Please help us by writing a letter. It will be a great honor for our students to be able to present 30 letters to Mr. Mashimo, principal of Josai High School, during the ceremony.

Please include a short story of your experience with the program, your name, the year that you were involved and maybe a picture.

E-mail your letters to Cynde Burford at [email protected] or drop them off at Sweet Home High School with Cynde’s name on the envelope by June 5.

No memory is too small; every letter will be included.