Junior Amanda Burcham named volleyball’s MVP

Junior Amanda Burcham was named the most valuable player at Sweet Home High School’s volleyball awards dessert last week.

Burcham will push her game to the limit no matter what, Coach Steve Emmert said. She will push until she collapses. She is a natural leader who set 88 percent in her first year setting. She had 19 kills, 17 digs and led the team serving with 46 aces on the season.

“It’s one of the few years when all 10 of the team contributed equally,” Coach Emmert said. The Huskies finished 4-9 in league. “Our season and league record certainly didn’t represent the amount of improvement they made this year.”

The girls accomplished all of their goals but one, to make it to state. The girls improved throughout the season and made league playoffs at the end of the season.

In spite of the fact the Huskies didn’t win much, Coach Emmert said, this has probably been one of the most fun teams to coach.

Earning her second letter, senior Kara Watkins was named the offensive player of the year. As a junior she “tended to stand back and let the seniors shine,” Coach Emmert said. She stepped up this year and scored 57 kills and 29 aces.

The defensive player of the year went to senior and second-year letterman Ashley Severns. She is one of the hardest working girls Coach Emmert has coached. She tallied 83 digs along with 37 aces and four kills.

Senior Elizabeth Aman earned her first letter and the most improved award on 61 digs, 14 aces and 22 kills. She is another of the hardest working girls Coach Emmert has worked with. She was probably more experienced in the back row, but she had an offensive speed that earned points for the Huskies.

Senior Christy Dompier, a first-year lettermen shared the most improved award with Aman and scored 32 digs, 21 aces and 14 kills.

Second-year letterman Kara Howell, a junior, was named most encouraging player.

“I never one time during the season saw this girl down,” Coach Emmert said. Howell earned 26 kills and 23 digs playing the front row this year.

Scoring the most kills with 49 behind Watkins, Junior Mahria Zook was given the team’s “Lucille Ball Award” for her bouncy approach to the game. Coach Emmert called the first-year letterman an “extremely talented athlete” with 27 blocks and 54 digs.

Second-year letterman and junior Katie Ives was given the “Mind Over Matter Award” after spending the first part of the season injured by returning and contributing 19 kills, 21 digs and 14 blocks by the end of the season.

Junior Stephanie Miller, a first-year letterman, was new to Sweet Home High School but joined the team as a “huge contributor,” Coach Emmert said. She was one of the leading blockers and hitters early on and could play back court as well. She earned 38 kills, 28 digs and 26 blocks along with the team’s “Rise to the Occasion Award.”

Sophomore Teresa Lewis earned her first letter with the ability to play nearly any position on the court, Coach Emmert said. She scored 19 aces and served nearly 100 percent. She was the team’s most consistent server. She had 32 digs and set 89 percent earning her the hustle award.

On junior varsity, Lisa Brocard was named the most valuable player. Heather Wall was the defensive player of the year. Crystal Fowler was most inspirational, and Ashley Smith was most improved.

The teams voted on the awards listed, with the exception of the “Lucille Ball Award,” the “Mind Over Matter Award” and the “Rise to the Occasion Award,” which were selected by Coach Emmert for outstanding contributions to the team.