Keep fireworks legal, state officials warn

June 23 opens the season for fireworks sales in Oregon.

Legal fireworks may be purchased only from Oregon permitted fireworks retailers and stands.

The Office of State Fire Marshal has issued more than 765 retail fireworks permits, and 150 display applications.

Oregon law forbids possession, use or sale of fireworks that fly, explode or travel more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches in the air. Bottle rockets, Roman candles, and firecrackers are illegal in Oregon.

All fireworks are prohibited on all Oregon beaches, state parks and in federal parks and forests.

Illegal fireworks can be expensive. Under Oregon law, officials may seize illegal fireworks fining offenders up to $500 per violation including possession of illegal fireworks and endangering life and property.

Offenders may also be arrested. Any fireworks causing damage or misuse of fireworks carries a liability for the offender, who may be required to pay for resulting fire or other damage.

Parents are liable for fireworks-caused damage by their children. Costs may include assessed fines as well as the cost of suppressing fireworks-caused fires.